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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Drawing Without Headphones

Well I am finally getting back into a painting groove. Spending some quality time with my sketchbook and have gotten another 3 pages fleshed out in the past two days.

I found out today that going out to Starbuck's to draw without my headphones is like going to the gym without headphones. And like the gym, Starbuck's plays terrible music. In spite of not being able to tune out the conversations, tapping of keys on all the laptops and the 2 girls next to me figuring out their geometry homework, I did manage to get a painting done... I do know that X = 1 to the Xth... or something...

Since most of these are for my book I don't usually post full pictures but damnit I've got hamsters in lederhosen and I just gotta share the whole picture!

The caption: Being such a large beast, Bernard was use to this sorta thing...


  1. Do you actually paint these while at Starbucks or wait until you get home/studio before painting and just complete a sketch? You are very talented and I find your creativity and technique inspiring- one last thing, do you achieve these with gouache, just wondering? Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hey there, Carl! Thanks so much! Yep, I paint these right there at Starbuck's. I have a compact set of watercolors (Winsor & Newton) and a select few brushes from which to choose. I can get a sketchbook painting like this done, from start to finish, in about an hour to an hour and a half - trusting the idea is working. I keep some white gouache in my watercolors for all the white and highlights. It really helps the painting to jump off the page. I'll also use a white pen for sharp highlights (like, on the eyes).

      Thanks for asking! I hope it answers your question. :D
      Take care!