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Thursday, June 6, 2013

For The Greater Gouache.

Just a quick entry to show the finished gouache painting. I enjoyed painting with them so much that I am gonna start another one right now. When I was taking an oil painting class at the Watts Atelier, I asked the instructor (Jeffery Watts) about the best way to get comfortable with oil painting. He explained that starting with gouache is a great intro into oils because they tend to behave in the same ways in terms of opacity, vibrance and coverage. Except with gouache you don't have to worry about drying time as you do with oils, and the gouache reactivates the second you hit it with water - making coming back to a painting really easy. And no fumes. :)

I used a lot of the principles of oils when approaching my first gouache painting so I sorta did the reverse of what my instructor told me. But hey, many of the techniques are interchangeable (for the most part). I liked the results so much and it was such a delight to paint with that there will be many more gouache paintings in the future.

Off to start the next one!

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