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Friday, August 30, 2013


Today's Starbuck's painting... I went with the intent of working on some more illustrations for my book but, after I was up until 3:30am writing ideas for it, I thought I'd hold off until I actually have my direction.

So, I started scribbling. As Tom Hulce said in Amadeus "Scribbling and bibbling, bibbling and scribbling." After a few scribbles I just started sketching out a Medusa. This time she's terrified... of what? Well, I am leaving that up to the viewer. I had a great time drawing and painting this one.

I start out with the sketch, of course. Once I'm done with that I ink in with my favorite brush pen and then bust out the watercolors. I went with a diamond back rattler for her snake half, since I made her green there weren't many other options. Even though it's a cartoon I still like to base the appearance with some sort of believability. Once I've laid in all my colors and refined a few areas, I go in with just a little bit of gouache for highlights and eyes. It just jumps off the page when the opaque highlights are in... and I lost the warmer green in the watercolor and I wanted to bring them back up so it really cooled the shadows back down. After the gouache I go back in with my brush pen to black some of the lines and shadows again.

I love drawing gorgons, centaurs, and pretty much any half man, half animal creature. It was nice to do one up in color.

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