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Monday, August 12, 2013

What a whirl! What a whirl!

Wowzerz. This has been a whirlwind couple months! July found me married to by beautiful fiance, celebrated 2 years together 2 days after our wedding and a week later I attended the SCBWI summer conference.

Dina and I had the most amazing wedding - an all black wedding. The ceremony took place at the Palace of Fine Arts under the rotunda. We had so many friends and family there all decked out in black. When the ceremony started Dina made her entry to our guests chanting "Dina! Dina! Dina!" She looked so stunning. Face to face with her I was unable to keep myself from smiling, this was the happiest day of my life. It's difficult, for me, to find the words to describe how beautiful she looked. Her long black dress, her wavy, raven hair streaked with purple cascading over her shoulder. Her sultry eyes as she looked at me lovingly from behind the netting of her hat that hung over her face, a sophisticated answer to the traditional veil. Aww hell, I will just post a few pics of our wedding and you can see for yourself.

We continued the celebration with our reception at the Supperclub San Francisco. All you were at the wedding were in attendance and ready to get the party started. We had the entire upper floor reserved and to ourselves. Everyone stretched out on the beds that line the walls of the venue, appetizers and drinks were served as the show started. For those who have never been to the Supperclub; they have themed performances each month that has performers doing acrobatic, dance and areal shows to entertain attendees as they dine on wonderful 4 course dinner. Again, I'll just let the pics speak for themselves. :)

Newly married and happy as ever, it's time to get to work.

I attended the SCBWI conference days after returning from San Francisco in August. What can I say? WOW! What started out as an intimidating first day of school, jitters and all - worrying I was gonna get stuffed into a locker at any moment - turned out to be so educational and the friendliest environment. I quickly made new friends - aspiring writers, seasoned veterans, talented illustrators. One new friend in particular, Karin (an aspiring writer with a heart of gold), became my cheerleader at the conference and made some invaluable connections for me. Thanks again, Karin! We're gonna kick some butt and take down a few names in the process!

There were so many great "break-out meetings" (industry professionals doing talks and Q&A's) that made me wish I could be in multiple places at one time. The break-out meetings and keynotes were so informative... so informative that it's made have to rethink my whole approach....

The portfolio showcase was fantastic. I entered. Didn't win. But, that's ok. It gave me an invaluable glimpse into what's out there and where I fit in. Stay true to myself and my ideas - that's the idea and the message the conference made sure to drive home. Plus all of my postcards were taken and gone half way through the showcase. That was encouraging!

My book is going back to the drawing board. The premise will stay as it is but the format and story telling style will have to change. People seem to like the illustrations and the idea of monsters and hamsters but in terms of a broader appeal, I think it will need something of a more traditional approach. I will still make the other illustrations available in either print or a picture book but as far as the actual kids book... well, we're looking at a revamp.

So now the real work begins... finding an agent, continuing work on my book and hopefully other projects (freelance, personal, what have you).

Enough with the jibber jabber! Time for some pictures!

First up is a sketchbook painting I did of little Norville who hasn't realized that he's got something bigger on the line. As with my other sketchbook paintings, this one is ink, watercolor and some gouache for that opaque magic.

Here's the postcard I was handing out....

And, as promised, some highlights from the wedding....
My beautiful wife.
Dina and I at the reception.
A photo I snapped during our photo session.
Dina's sister Erika doing an wonderful job taking our pictures.
The Dominguez Sisters - Erika (left) Dina (right)

Dina and friends - Scott-E, Jessie, and Rockie

Jesse and I. This was the best day ever.

Dina and one of her besties - Hannah

Ending the evening with a spectacular areal show.

Dina with her mom and dad.
Dina and her long-time friend Ruben
Me with my sister (Jennifer) and oldest brother (James)

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