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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Birthday Blogging!

Woo hoo! What a wonderful birthday it has been. Dina made me the sweetest cake ever. I'm a man of simple tastes so, my birthday cake request was the same as it always is. But, this time, with adornments of the most sugary kind - Circus Animal Cookies! These pink and white, frosting beasts are held firmly in place by the chocolate frosting that covers it. All that AND it has a layer of vanilla frosting in the middle of this yellow wonder of a birthday cake. I sat down to a slice of cake after lunch and it was everything I could've ever hoped for. Dina spoils me and I love her for it. :D

Today we've got a couple paintings to post. One is a commission painting I did for some good friends, the other is another #inktober entry. I love doing these armor studies. I treated myself to a trip to the art store to get some non waterproof ink and some white acrylic ink. I was using a white pen for the highlights in these armor studies but it just isn't good for blending out. I needed something that behaved more like the ink I was painting with. But I still use the white ink pen for the sharp, solid highlights. You can see the difference between the two armor studies.

The monster/hamster painting was commissioned from my friend Kevin to give to his wife as a gift. It illustrates a personal story of theirs. It was an honor for me that I got to tell their story with my creations.

Keeping this post short today! I gotta get ready for my birthday dinner at my favorite sushi place with the most amazing woman in the world - my lovey.

Armor Study - brush and ink, brush pen and white pen

Armor Study - brush and black and white ink, white pen

"Gacon!" - 16x20 watercolor pencil on board.

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