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Monday, November 24, 2014

Gotcha Covered.

Hey there! As part of my venture into the world of illustration I picked up a job coming up with a book cover for a gentleman in New York. He's followed my work on Instagram and reached out to ask if I would create the cover for his young adult book. I can't go into any detail about the book's... details... but suffice it to say it's a great story, one I think many kids can identify with.

He contacted me late last year and it was a little slow going on my part to get the art started - my dad was really sick and I was away visiting family for the holidays. My dad passed away and work on the cover was delayed even further. The author was incredibly understanding during this time, something I am so grateful for. I wanted to do this cover. When I did return to the drawing board the painting came together relatively quickly. I was in such a groove with it, working in gouache - a medium I only had limited experience with - but with the time restriction oils were out of the question. I'm glad I went with gouache, it's pretty intimidating at first - you have to be very deliberate and make your decisions ahead of time. I opted out of digital because I wanted the author to have an original painting when all was said and done. That's not to say I wouldn't go digital - all depends on the client's preference and time factor.

He commissioned me for both the front and back covers, the front of which I was generously given permission to share. I have no idea how many total hours I spent on the painting, it was a pretty hectic time and there were a few days I could only spend an hour or two on it. There was also a lot of iterating on the characters and composition before we committed to the final drawing. I am so pleased with the way the final piece came together and so happy I can now share it with you.

When the book is printed and selling I will definitely let everyone know. I can't wait to see it myself! :D

The painting is gouache on Arches watercolor board. 16"x20".
Whew! So there it is. A painting.

Well, it's Thanksgiving week here... this week... I have so much to be thankful for, I won't bore you with the list. Wishing you all the very best this holiday season and year round. Thank you so much for your support and kind words be it in an email, private message, instagram likes/comments, Facebook likes/comments, carrier pigeon message, Morse code... you see where I'm going with this... THANK YOU! :D


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  1. That is so lovely! Very cute and beautiful, great work! Can't wait to see what this book is all about!:)