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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Oh, I Have a Blog...?

March? March!? March was my last post? Our hamster dies and I cease all communications with the outside world? I throw in the proverbial towel and stop posting? Life goes on and so must I. We miss our little Jelly very much but it's time to pick up the pieces and move on...

Now then... let's get caught up, shall we?

Old habits are hard to break but new ones are difficult to form. Blogging and general updating being a new habit that needs to be developed and cultivated. I usually just update my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with my goings-ons but from now on blog takes precedence. Keeping up on all these social medias is exhausting. With those I have a visual reference of who's seeing my posts... X number of likes = how many people typically see the posts... not so much with a blog. Aww well. That shouldn't be why I post stuff and it isn't... for the most part. Who doesn't like to see a lot of clicks on the ol' like button?

Things have been progressing on my book. New illustrations are being completed and I'm closing in on the finish line. I've decided on a format that will allow more attention to be given to each illustration with a little caption to accompany it. It cut down the number of illustrations that will go in the book but I think it's a much better, more visually pleasing format. Here's a sneak peek!

 I wish I could show a new illustration but I can't tip my hand now, can I? :)

The plan was to have it ready by Christmas but that would've meant rushing through the remaining illustrations in a week and praying they got back from the printers in time... which they most likely wouldn't have. I think it will be worth the wait. More times means new images and making sure the captions hit just the right notes.

Sometimes the ideas for the book don't come as easily which leaves me in a creative, funky, limbo place. I sit there at my desk or at Starbuck's straining to force a cute and clever idea out of my head and onto the paper. It ends with me staring blankly out at the parking lot or with my head on the desk wondering if I've run out of ideas. I've got to get this book done! I can't wait for the leisurely pace at which the ideas come to me. There's the good old advice "you should draw even if you're not feeling inspired." Sometimes it works... it's like going to the gym even if you don't feel like it... at least you went... which reminds me... I should probably go to the gym...

During these seemingly creative lulls I will turn to a fun little exercise called Sketch Dailies. Each day a new subject matter is posted and all you gotta do is give it your own slant and share it with the world. It helps... a lot. Because even though I might not have come up with an idea for my book I did draw something - situps for your artistic abs.

Here are some of my favorite Sketch Dailies from the past few months...

My most recent entry - Dumb and Dumber
Topic: Sloth from the Goonies

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Topic: Godzilla - "Kaij U"
Topic: Robin Williams tribute

Topic: H.R. Giger tribute
Topic: Princess Leia

Topic: The Grim Reaper
Topic: Gollum

Topic: Xena Warrior Princess
Topic: Beetlejuice
 This post is getting a bit long so I am gonna break it up a bit... Continued next page. :)


  1. This is awesome! Love your style and your work!

  2. Hi Danny!
    When will your book be for sale?
    Can't wait!